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AMCC Reports

The digital newsletter that we share with our contacts summarizes the impact of the work carried out periodically every year or six months.


Scientific articles prepared by our team and presented at national and international events, summarize the experience throughout our history as an organization.

Integral technical training for women in northern Nicaragua


Amanda Centeno, Helen Shears,
Fátima Medina
Featured in:
Terra education III – Francia
Presented by:
Andreea Dani
Year: 2018

Technical training for earth building in northern Nicaragua


Fátima Sánchez Medina, Kathya Reyes Rivera, Julieth Gutiérrez Cárcamo

Featured at:
18 SIACOT – Guatemala

Presented by: The Authors

Publication: Page 628

Year: 2018

Participatory earth muralism at the Women’s Technical Training School, Condega, Nicaragua


Fátima Sánchez Medina, Kathya Reyes Rivera, Julieth Gutiérrez Cárcamo

Featured at: 19 SIACOT – Guatemala

Presented by: Fátima Medina

Publication: Page 836

Year: 2019

Press Releases AMCC

    1. (1995). The Maria Jose Talavera Women’s Construction Poject in Condega.View article 
    2. (2000). Mujeres construyen Condega. Nosotras también podemos. View article 
    3. (2000). “No es lo mismo verla venir… Un nudito en el estómago”. View article 
    4. (2001). News from Nicaragua. Newsletter WAMT (Women and manual trades)View article 
    5. (n.d.). Nicaragua Bildung Für Jugedliche.View article 
    6. (2007). Excerpt from women who light the dark.View article 
    7. (2007). Mujeres constructoras realizan primer congreso. El Nuevo Diario.View article 
    8. (2007). Mujeres constructoras reclaman cuota laboral.View article 
    9. (2008). Mujeres con oficios no tradicionales conforman red.View article 
    10. (2011). Potenciando capacidades de las mujeres del norte de Nicaragua. Asociación de Mujeres Constructoras de Condega – AMCC. View article 
    11. (2012). Mujeres de ñeque. Carpintería, albañilería y soldadura con algunos de los oficios aprendidos por las mujeres que han decidido hacer un cambio en su vida. View article 

12. (2012). Mujer de martillo y alicate. La Prensa. View article 
13. (2013). Mujeres Constructoras Women Carpenters in Nicaragua. View article
14. (2014). We also have hands! Building skills and gender equality in Condega. View article
15. (2016). Nicaragua: Herausforderung Teenager-Schwangerschaft. View article 
16. (2016). Casas de Adobe en Estelí. La Prensa.
View article
17. (2017). María Fernanda Pineda Calero. Campaign Stories. #DETERMINED to break stereotypes and be a feminist in a machismo culture. View article 
18. (2018). La mujer protagonista en construcción de casas de adobe. Telenica Canal 8.
View article 

19. (2018). Buenas prácticas en innovaciones para la inclusión de mujeres jóvenes al mundo laboral en América Latina, El Caribe y La Unión Europea. View article
20. (2018). Asociación Mujeres Constructoras de Condega – AMCC : Nacímos para volar ! View article 


They share the experience lived by people who have been positively impacted by AMCC work.

The rooster and the grain of corn


Produced by Karen Livesey in the year 2000. During 21 minutes, women from Condega and foreign brigade members recount the experience of building houses for and by women, in response to the losses suffered during Hurricane Mitch as it passed through Nicaragua in October 1998. Amanda Centeno, Nery González, Annette Williams, Helen Shears, Sue Clarke, Juliana Bethlen and Rosaura Castellón are the voice of the women’s team that managed to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Walking towards autonomy


Prepared in 2015 by the AMCC team, over a 20-minute period, it addresses the incidents in the personal lives of four women: Nery, Fernanda, Diana and Junieth, who carried out technical and / or sexual and reproductive rights training processes and share their stories. The video partly reflects the work and the impact of the different programs on the lives of these women.

AMCC Natural Construction Course Experiences 2018


Produced by Katt Shifller (student and course volunteer) in 2018. In 6 minutes, she briefly shares the experience of 5 young women who participated in the course as monitors (accompanying the teaching role) or as students: Yasmila, Keylin, Julieth, Kathya and Madga, show the impact of the training process on their lives as architects, engineers and technicians in the field of self-construction with sustainable materials.

They gave me wings


Prepared in 2020 by the AMCC team with funds from Pamplona City Council and the British Council (UK), under the direction, editing and production of Kathy Sevilla Z. During 16 minutes the sisters Julieth and Darling Gutiérrez Cárcamo, graduates in AMCC and actually facilitators of earth building workshops, tell their stories. They identify in their personal development the importance of support from their family, recognizing themselves as leaders and references in their community.